Our unique blend of technical expertise,
meticulous planning, and creative and innovative vision, enable us to craft digital art pieces,
lead and develop complex specialized builds and produce custom tech solutions.

Abril Alvarez —
Co-Founder & Technical Director

Abril Alvarez is a Mexican Technical director, science lover, amateur historian.

With more than 10 years of experience as a Creative Developer and Tech Lead, she has developed award-winning projects for brands like Disney, Samsung, Volkswagen, adidas, Footlocker, Nike, Lancôme, and more.

As an artistic soul, she now spends her time creating visuals driven by algorithms, leading technical teams, and finding life in drops of water under her microscope.

Roel Kok —
Co-Founder & Technical Director

Roel Kok is a techie child from the 80s. Spending his teenager years in the Netherlands making and editing action movies with his friends, drawing and loving everything the early internet provided.

With more than 10 years of experience as a Creative Developer and Tech Lead, he has developed award-winning projects for brands like LA Lakers, HBO, adidas, Maserati and more.

Roel is a creative soul and a master of technical details that always know what is hip.


  • Generative Visuals

  • Data Visualization

  • 3D Visuals

  • Realtime 3D

  • Motion Graphics

  • AI

  • Digital Fashion

  • Audiovisual Graphics

  • Audiovisual Experiences

  • Light Installations

  • Generative Design Tools

  • Campaign Websites

  • Web Platforms & Products

  • E-Commerce

  • AR/VR

  • Social Media Filters

  • Metaverse Experiences

  • DevOps

  • Retail Installations

  • Retail Activations

  • Web3

  • Front-End & Back-End

  • Workshop Design

  • Prototyping

  • Innovation & Research

  • Technical Project Management

  • Technical Direction

  • Technology Investment Plan

  • Technical Project Planning & Strategy

  1. Creative
    We leverage state-of-the-art technology to create generative graphics and animations that translate data, music, and emotions into works of art.

    Combining our design background with cutting-edge tech, we produce versatile pieces that adapt to diverse platforms and use cases. From elevating immersive and interactive experiences to creating visuals with custom algorithms for the world’s most visionary brands.
  2. Technical Partnership
    Our technical partnership services are designed to scale with all types of companies and projects, whether you are a design studio looking to enhance or translate your ideas with tech, or a direct client seeking a robust, customized solution.

    Thanks to our knowledge of a wide range of technologies and collaborative methods, we team up to produce strong and groundbreaking solutions.
  3. Technical Consulting
    With 20+ years of combined experience in leadership, direction, and planning, we can effectively manage even the most complex technical challenges.

    From conceptual definition to meticulous technical planning. Together, we create an understandable roadmap designed to guide, collaborate and innovative while also ensuring technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness for any size of projects and teams.

We have collaborated with the best brands and agencies around the world.